The Serendipity Chronicles with Yash Chitneni

The Serendipity Chronicles - A podcast dedicated to exploring the art of creating serendipity in our lives through stories and exploring the unfamiliar. Join me, Yash, as I delve into the stories of creators from all walks of life who have found success through serendipitous moments and the choices they made to make them happen. I hope you leave here inspired and motivated to create your own serendipitous moments.

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Tuesday Mar 07, 2023

I had the lovely opportunity to bring on Dr. Matt Shiver who shares the story of how one book played a monumental role in the stories of his life. From being a student studying to get degrees in under-grad and grad school to rewriting his life, Matt shares how the tiny decisions to ask for more led him down a life of fulfillment.
We also delve into some tips on acquiring clients and setting yourself up with simple goals to ensure you're scaling your business.
(00:03) Matt and Yash on Unlocking Learnings and Career Paths
(00:05) Summary of Matt's Choice of Exercise Science and Pursuing Physical Therapy
(00:08) Impact of Tim Ferris' "The Four Hour Work Week"
(00:09) Exploring the Journey of Starting a Side Business
(00:12) Learning from Mistakes and Implementing Strategies for Success
(00:14) Matt's Inspiration from Mike Bledsoe and Tim Ferris
(00:15) Reflection on Breath Work and Joining the Strong Coach Program
(00:17) Matt's Transition from YouTube to Entrepreneurship and Working in High Ticket Space
(00:21) Exploring Different Strategies for Marketing and Lead Generation
(00:22) Lead Generation and Sales Strategies
(00:24) Achieving 20 Clients in Six Months or Less
(00:25) "Growth Accelerator: A Step-by-Step Guide to Enrolling Clients and Marketing Your Offer"
(00:27) Exploring Growth Opportunities for Peak Fitness Performance's Growth Accelerator Program
(00:31) Matt on High Ticket Offers and Peak Performance
(00:33) Short-Term Goals for Business Growth
(00:34) Automating Lead Generation and AI Technology
(00:39) Automated Follow-Up Sequences for Lead Nurturing
(00:42) Content Creation and Lead Generation Strategies
(00:44) Shifting Content and Messaging for Business Growth Summary
(00:47) Refocusing on Outcome-Based Offers for Coaching Clients
(00:49) Benefits of YouTube for Growing Your Business
(00:53) Benefits of Data-Driven Email Marketing with Yash
(00:55) Yash and Matt on Serendipity and Personal Experiences
(00:58) Following Intuition and Finding Opportunities in Austin
(00:59) Unique Lifestyle of Austin, Texas
(01:01) Working Hard and Traveling the World
Matt's Website
Matt's Instagram
Matt's YouTube

Tuesday Feb 14, 2023

Risks are uncertainties that threaten survival. We face them all throughout life and understanding the various types of risk is key to survival and thriving.
In this episode, I'm joined by Alexander Concepcion, Founder of Taco Street Locating, Writer at Landmines & Goldmines. We delve into all things risk in business ranging from Product Market Fit Risk to Competitive Risk to Operations Risk.
I enjoyed the newfound perspective on being a solopreneur and understanding that identifying risk in various parts of my business is a sure-fire way to grow in the appropriate way whether through scaling or pivoting into other models of the same business.
(01:00) Risk is an inverse of an opportunity
(04:40) What does survival mean?
(8:20) There are two types of Business People: Product People and Market People
(12:00) What type of risk am I taking on with my podcasting business
(14:23) What risks Alexander is taking by writing his book
(16:00) The benefit of doing something vs the cost of not doing anything
(18:00) Managing financial risk vs soul risk
(24:00) The new risk that Alexander is taking on in 2023
(28:00) Is competitive risk even real?
(30:00) What's the difference between competitive and replacement risk?
(32:00) Why serious creators should not be afraid of AI taking any jobs away
(37:00) Why does a business want to scale?
(39:00) Why your business is the biggest risk to yourself
(44:00) Why creating a digital product is a great way to reduce overall business risk
Connect w/ Alexander Concepcion
Landmines & Goldmines
Taco Street Locating 
Connect w/ Yash

Tuesday Feb 07, 2023

As I was perusing substack, I came across this great post by Scott talking about going From Becoming A Somebody to Becoming A Nobody.
Scott takes us through the journey of the past 3.5 years which had been filled with highs and lows. He was at the "top" of his life having raised $12M in a Series B round for his company, peak physical health, great relationships, and then life came to a complete flip after he participated in his first ayahuasca experience.It brought him to an awakening of his place in life and desire to understand this new energy that started flowing through him. 
The piece really resonated with me as someone who has worked for the path laid out in front of me until one day deciding to break that path. In today's conversation, we talk about fulfillment, human consciousness and creativity.
Topics Covered
(3:00) Road Trips, Moving to Austin, and Vision for Life
(7:00) Finding Inner Peace and Joy Through Spiritual Exploration
(10:00) Relationship Between Purpose and Work: Scott Britton and Yash Chitneni
(17:00) Living Life on a Day-to-Day Basis and Financial Security
(19:00) Benefits of Early Retirement and the Power of Commitment to Achieve Success
(21:00) "The Power of Unconditional Love: Yash Chitneni"
(23:00) Unconditional Love: Scott Britton
(28:00) Unconditional Love: Removing Impediments to Achieving Compassion and Awe
(30:00) Expressing Compassion and Understanding in a Difficult Situation
(33:00) Different Levels of Consciousness and the Impact on Society
(36:00) Role of Emotions in the Human Experience
(41:00) Evolution of Consciousness and Intent
(43:00) Transpersonal States of Consciousness
(46:00) Benefits of Quieting the Mind and Expanding Consciousness
(51:00) Becoming Conscious and the Role of Narcissism in Creation
(57:00) Definition of a Creator and the Role of Ego in the Creative Process
(59:00) Creative Process and Intentions
(1:00:00) Self-Exploration and Different Levels of Consciousness
Resources Mentioned
From Becoming A Somebody to Becoming A Nobody
Connect w/ Scott
Connect w/ Yash

Tuesday Jan 31, 2023

I get the honor of sitting down with one of my dearest friends and favorite minds, Sam Hamad. Sam is the Co-Founder of Offtop, an Operating System for musicians to organize, share and collaborate on ideas.
Being in the world of a small business owner and interacting daily with other small business owners, I have stepped far away from the land of the tech world. In this conversation, I get to jump back in with Sam and get some perspective shaped from being in that world and other outlooks on life as we jump into our 30s.
Topics Covered
(02:00) Building a Technology Start-Up with Engineering Co-Founders
(04:00) Off Top: An Operating System for Music Creation and Collaboration
(06:00) Innovating Music Creation Through Software
(08:00) Retention Rate and Customer Success in Technology Companies
(10:00) Finding Purpose and Creating Light for Others
(12:00) Shadow of Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with Sam
(14:00) Challenges of Creating Artistic Work in a Disrespectful Environment
(16:00) Stripping Ego and Channeling Dissent to Level Up
(18:00) Role of Rejection in Achieving Success
(21:00) Closeness and Understanding in a Relationship
(23:00) Personal Growth and Socializing
(25:00) Protecting Time and Building Valuable Relationships
(27:00) Networking and Socializing for Professional Success
(29:00) Diversity and Culture as a North Star in Life
(32:00) Growing Up in a Diverse Environment
(39:00) Impact of Cultural Identity on Mental Landscape
(41:00) Trauma Bonding and Gratitude for Growth
(49:00) Finding the Right Person: Refining What You Hope to Find
(51:00) Superficial Deal Makers and Dating Apps
(53:00) Psychological Layers of Identity and Business
Resources Mentioned
Connect with Sam

Tuesday Jan 24, 2023

In today's episode, I'm joined by Noah Huisman, an author, gym owner, a start-up lawyer on a continuous pursuit of a scholar's mind, athlete's body and philosopher's soul. Noah is driven by helping others find alignment through his writing, podcasting and coaching.
We delve into topics where we embark on a journey to discover how to reconcile the tension between creating purely out of self-expression and monetizing it.
Other Topics Covered
(00:00): What is your Patronus?(5:00): The Power of Three: Exploring the Wholeness Associated with the Number Three(10:00): The Dilemma of Content Creation as a means of Expression vs Monetization(15:00): Living in seasons between being a creator and a promoter(20:00) :The soul being satisfied by itself(25:00): Romanticizing great people of the past and the influence it has on modern actions(30:00): The Stoic Gap: Defining a Good Man Without the Concept of God(35:00): Defining Purpose to Life(47:00): When do Attachments become Good?(50:00): The burden that Noah carries
Resources Mentioned
This Way To The Stars
Connect with Noah
Noah's Instagram
Noah's Twitter

Tuesday Jan 24, 2023

Welcome to the first episode of The Serendipity Chronicles.
Joining me today is a great buddy and a serendipity creator, Zach Horvath. Zach started Live A Great Story after going on a seven month hitchhiking, couch surfing tour through Europe in his early 20s. 
The brand and its mission has become a symbol for people to live out inspiring stories in their lives.
Key Topics
The origin of Live A Great Story
The first product
How long did it take for virality
What was the road map for Live to get to this point
What does fear look like for Zach
How the mission of Live evolved through time
The importance of travel
Current plans for the next year
Connect w/ Zach
Live A Great Story IG


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